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Ramirez Family Foundation

Since St. Augustine Prep was founded in 2017 by the Ramirez Family Foundation, the school has partnered with Carroll University to support education, an alliance that has now evolved to include the Pioneer Pathways program.

The article from the Waukesha Freeman below describes how the program is intended to help prepare students for higher learning.

WAUKESHA — Carroll University and St. Augustine Preparatory Academy in Milwaukee have signed an agreement to start a program to prepare first-generation students, students of color and low-income students for higher education. Pioneer Pathways will help students obtain the necessary skills and preparation for higher education through hands-on activities, workshops, parent information sessions and support.

“Carroll University is always seeking passionate, motivated students for our pre-college programs, which is why we chose to partner with St. Augustine,” said Carroll President Cindy Gnadinger in a news release. “These innovative programs introduce high school students of all backgrounds to the college experience, from academics to student life, and are a wonderful way to introduce students to our campus and to prepare them for success.”

Marisol Alamo, a post-secondary education instructor and advisor at St. Augustine Prep, said the school has been working with Carroll since opening in August 2017. “Since then, Carroll University has immersed our high school students into Horizontes en Carroll, STEM for Girls and Project Pioneer precollege programs,” she said. “This new partnership will create a successful pathway for our students and their families to achieve their academic goals, and it is an extension of our shared Christian values and commitment to develop highly engaged students to become future leaders within our community.”

According to the release, the benefits of Pioneer Pathways include:

■ College acceptance to Carroll University for eligible candidates in their sophomore year of high school.

■ Meeting with admission counselors three times a year.

■ Meeting with financial aid counselors to provide financial information and support.

■ Bilingual financial aid education nights for students and parents.

■ Special campus visits for students.

To be eligible for Pioneer Pathways, students must:

■ Have a minimum of 3.0 GPA.

■ Be in good standing at St. Augustine Prep.

■ Get a minimum of 18 on the PreACT.

■ Be enrolled in a college prep curriculum.

■ Apply for admission to Carroll University.